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798: What does the scouter say!?
What does the scouter say!?

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Okay, I made this comic ahead of time because I can't be bothered actually seeing the movie, but judging from the trailers, I can pretty much extrapolate from there. Although I would actually watch the shit out of a series where they put dragonball characters in a smutty college comedy. Saiyan house indeed. Not much else to report in currently, I'm preparing for Supanova in July, so if you've got any special requests now's the time to send them in since I'll need lead time to put anything together. Hopefully should have some new prints to sell and there's buttons as well. People who came last year should have an idea of the filthy whores...I mean wares I'll be peddling. Bizarre linkage: Crushing beer cans with your breasts can get you fired. Well I NEVER. What has this country come to!?
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[06:54] <Squatdog> the fart i just did smells like freshly cut lawn
[06:54] <Squatdog> this worries me
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