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799: THE LIP

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Double Update!
See the second strip

COMIC NUMBER 800 BITCHES. YEAAAAHHHH. What better way to celebrate than to simultaneously make Batwuss cry and also to deface his Facebook? RIDDLE ME THAT. Okay, now that that's over with, only 200 strips to go before I END EVERYTHING FOREVER. Or we hit 1000. Whatever. Gearing up for Supanova in July, I may POSSIBLY be producing some sort of card battling type game, available for sale. This would be a versus type situation where one player would battle the other with a hand made up of a variety of cards, with the whole set available as a standalone kit. Whooooo would be interested in it? Drop me an email or leave a message in this lj post. Would also need playtesters to see if the rules hold up, the games are quick enough while still being enjoyable and also if I can find a way to produce them without driving me bankrupt or causing the price to be exhorbitant for you. ANNYWAY, bizarre linkage: PUBERTY MATH! Finally someone found a real use for math, rather than just slapping stick figures on top and calling it a comic.

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[16:51] <Chebbs> also: that link was not funny goon, but Dev laughed
[16:51] <Goonigootoo> it was totally funny and you just cannot appreciate fine humour
[16:51] <Squatdog-> i dont get the joke
[16:52] <Chebbs> i can too! you've just failed to provide me with fine humour for OVER 6 YEARS
[16:52] <BobDragonslayer> the joke is on you, chebbs
[16:52] <BobDragonslayer> and has been for over six years :(
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