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81: Right in the bojangles!
Right in the bojangles!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Ahoy there, readers. Today marks the first appearance of.....[insert robot name here]. That's right, I don't have a name for it yet, which means I can't do the next strip. Any more suggestions can be left in The Forum. I was thinking of something Spanish, but if you've got any better suggestions, fire away. Also, if you would like the robot as a permanent character, or just a cameo thing, tell me as well. I recently got my hands on a copy of Photoshop 6, and am currently teaching myself how to use it. It's got some very neat effects that would take me about a hojillion times longer to do in paint, and is able to compress the bitmaps into gifs much better. Check back on this strip for the nifty glow effect. Nifty, is it not?. For a comparison; using Lview Pro (what I normally use), today's strip would be 86k. Using Photoshop 6, it's 56k. A good 30k difference, which is very important on dialup. I heard the word "bojangles" on TV a while back, and thought it sounded funny. I think it was an old Sammy Davis Jr song or something, as they were trying to flog some more CDs to the viewers at home. "Mean Bean Machine" is property, patent pending, copyright, etc of the kickass Penny Arcade, or more specifically, this comic. Talking of things that are kickass, the fantastic Red Ogress sent in some fan art! This is so incredibly amazing, it's almost like I'm running a proper comic, with readers and fan art. Anyway, you can check it out in the all new reader input page, formerly the reviews page. Well, that's all the pertinent news for now. See ya next update.

A look back
Breasts. Yep. I had forgotten to change Nat's torso to show her breasts in a proper 3/4 view. Up until now that is. It's funny how you always miss the little things on a conscious level, but on a subconscious level, you know you've forgotten something. Like how I had always forgotten to give Duke a chin and cheekbone. Well....I think I've gotten most things right now.

Search for the replaced btc
Good idea, Sancho's first appearance! But no, wrong character

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