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816: Depressing comic week!
Depressing comic week!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I take no responsibility for any resemblance to comics living or deceased. Or blind. Whatever. Depressing comic week courtesy of Cyanide & Happiness, which I'm pretty sure you already read if you read this comic. By the way, holy shit we had over 15 thousand visitors in one day over the weekend after we got reddit'd. Properly, instead of people linking directly to the image, or hosting it on imageshack then redditing that. If anyone's still around, from that big influx, welcome aboard. Annnyway, bizarre linkage: The SCP foundation. You remember those stupid old websites where people would come up with completely gratuitous descriptions for whatever stupid crap popped into their head? Well here it is again, in a wiki. WEB 2.0!! What better way to waste all your time? Besides TV Tropes of course. I'll just leave you with those two links and will come back next week to collect you.
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[11:15] <oof> "I don't love cock! I just had it thrust upon me!"
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