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819: That darn dog part 2
That darn dog part 2

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I TOLD YOU THERE'D BE MORE! The idea recently came to me of a recently orphaned Bruce Wayne getting a dog and calling it Mom to make himself feel less alone. Also, why not get it some pearls, just like his real Mom? Right? And why not have a mugger murder his "Mom" right in front of his eyes to cause even more trauma to him? Yes, why not indeed. It was my...DUTY to publish this comic! Also I had to insert the last two panels because incompetent Batman really is the best Batman. Is there more to this dead dog series? Can I continue to beat this dead dog for an ENTIRE MONTH? ONLY TIME WILL TELL. Shoutouts this week to Lance who is now a married man and Beerman who is now as old as time itself. You're old, man. You're old, Also, for you iPhone/iPod Touch users, if you bookmark the BTC homepage on your device and create a home screen icon I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. For everyone else? an iPhone or something. I dunno. Anyway, bizarre linkage time: Garlic farmer wards off high speed internet! Oh Canada, indeed.
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