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828: And don't let me catch you with that HUSSY the FRIDGE
And don't let me catch you with that HUSSY the FRIDGE

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
LADIES BE CRAZY. That is the moral of this story. Ladies, if you are reading this, you know this to be true. Don't try and deny my science facts. Your craziness must not come between the love of a man and his air conditioning on a goddamn hot day. Either the earth is slowly moving closer to the sun or Solaris has come to Australia for a little holiday. Why else would some places have a minimum temperature of 32 degrees. MINIMUM. For you yanks, that's like 90 degrees farenheit. That is also known as some goddamn bullshit. IT'S TOO HOT. Speaking of too hot, Fenris has once again fought his way back from the afterlife and has updated Aikida via black magic. I'm going to sleep now. Enjoy your bizarre linkage, a handy tip for when robbing a house: Don't log into facebook while in your victim's house. On their computer. You idiot.
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[20:21] <Farnsworth> trying to choose, do I go to bed now
[20:21] <Farnsworth> or wait until my mom gets up in like an hour
[20:21] <Farnsworth> so I can go 'night' when she goes 'morning' for the lulz
[20:22] <@WoodyTentpants> :P
[20:22] <@WoodyTentpants> masturbate until you pass out
[20:22] <Farnsworth> haha
[20:22] <Farnsworth> again?
[20:22] <@WoodyTentpants> ;>
[20:22] <Farnsworth> I can wait
[20:23] <Farnsworth> and when she gets up, make it seem likeI fell asleep at the desk
[20:23] <Farnsworth> with my balls hanging out
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