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83: Right there. Behind you
Right there. Behind you

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Hi, today's strip is the one we've all been waiting for.....the naming! Yes, I indeed did have more than 6 entries, and you can see them in The Forum. Why Sancho? Because I'm in charge, that's why. Seriously though, I had toyed with the idea of such names as "Deathbot 6000". "The Nutcracker", "El robusteza diabo" (The devil robot in spanish, if babelfish is right....which it probably isn't), and a number of other italian variations. Finally I gave up and watched Orgazmo (the Trey Parker & Matt Stone movie) and found myself laughing more than usual at the character of Sancho. Needless to say, my search was finally over. Plus, I don't think I would've gotten away with naming him "Orgazmo" without arousing some sort of suspicion. That, and I'd probably have ended up doing some robot sex related strip, and that sort of thing always ends badly. Especially on family servers. Bloody hell, I'm rambling again. This happens with 3am updates. I've gotten a rather favourable response in regards to the bojangles strip. Either everybody universally seems to love the word "bojangles" screamed after being bodily kicked in the family jewels, followed by a more high pitched "mean bean machine", or it was more of a one off thing. If you want a running joke of being kicked in the kajones, then I'm gonna need some more crotch euphamisms. Leave any you have in The Forum. The nifty background for panel one is a photoshop effect, and a nice one, but makes the filesize of the gif jump up quite dramatically, because of all the extra colours involved. Anyway, today's comic was entirely done on the computer, due to my sudden lack of drawing ability. I think my hand suddenly forgot how to draw, because I can't get Duke, Thanatos OR Nat right today, so I finally decided just to draw them on the computer. Today's strip is about 35% recycled, but I drew the rest with the mouse. I was going to do more on this update, but as I just said; I can't seem to draw anything right today. While using the mouse for artistic-type fun, I also discovered just how much I hate regular mice. Due to some wacky quirk, my Dexxa optical mouse WILL NOT BLOODY WORK CORRECTLY, 98 or XP, it suddenly decides to click wherever and whenever it feels like it. Which naturally makes drag/dropping impossible. This leaves me to use a regular ball-type mouse, which seems to have problems going in GODDAMNED CURVES. You will not believe how much longer than necessary it took to draw Nat's breasts, or Duke's hair. Seriously. Anyway, Once I get my mouse and drawing troubles worked out, there should be a double, or possibly triple update next.

A look back
Ah yes, the naming. After much farting about on my behalf (it's Aussie slang, not a literal thing. Sheesh), I finally closed the competition and gave him the name that had been lurking in the back of my mind for a few days. Not to say that any of the entries were stupid (besides Ben's. You know who you are), but they just didn't feel 'right'. Not in the sense that Sancho is an ideal name for a robot, but in that I just couldn't see the other characters interacting with something called 'Deatbot 5000', or other such names.

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