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840: Get Richie or die tryin'
Get Richie or die tryin'

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Alternate punchline: HANDJOBS. The first mini-comic requires you to pronounce 'Monocles' like 'Hercules', not Monocles, plural. Monocles is of course the ancient roman god of giving rich people monocles. Monocles plural in that case. Annnnyway, the reason for these comics is that mere hours after making a comic making light of the flu avoidance PSAs I of course was struck down by the flu. Some smart peoples in the Facebook group suggested I should make the next comic about rich people to balance it out. So I then naturally made a comic about some kids having a competition about getting their dicks ripped off by jagged robot mouths. Clever. Okay, I'm tired and flu-y, so have some bizarre linkage; GOD HATES SHRIMP. This god guy sure seems to get pretty worked up at a lot of little things. WELP I'M GONNA GO SLEEP WITH SOME DUDES NOW
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[08:04] <Skizo> speaking of which, my gf gave me 'what ever happened to the caped crusader' as a xmas gift and thats why we still have sex
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