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842: Bodice ripping action!
Bodice ripping action!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
There were a couple of alternate punchlines which I couldn't be arsed drawing up because I'm running late on this one. Spent a few extra hours prepping up the books (yes, plural) I'll be selling at this year's Supanova. Besides the obvious Thad Byklempt ending, there was a Batman/young Bruce Wayne walking out of the theater punchline where the crook (Joe Chill) shoots his mother, who falls in love with him as she's being shot. Then maybe he shoots his dad who also falls in love. LAFF RIOT. Annnnyway, since you guys missed out on bizarre linkage last week due to alcohol related mishaps (Facebook cheesites enjoyed some government issued bizarre linkage), enjoy DOUBLE LINKAGE DOUBLE LINKAGE: The SCORPION REPORT, when you absolutely have to know how many scorpions are in your neighbourhood, or the neighbourhood that you are dropping your naked friend off in covered in honey. Also, Every person in New York, the blog of some dude who is allegedly going to draw 19,541,453 people. GOOD LUCK ASSHOLE.
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[20:27] * Faylone does a hadouken on mnt
[20:27] * mnt Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:08] <Celox> bloody hell faylone, that actually worked
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