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860: A bit messier than a TARDIS
A bit messier than a TARDIS

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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This took a long time to draw, mostly because I couldn't get the gratuitous fan service to come out properly. But here's the first breadcrumb for a string of answers that I'll slowly...un...pick. This metaphor is going nowhere. Bizarre linkage: The Jenny McCarthy Bodycount. Yes, she has personally murdered this many people. I hope you're all happy after taking health advice from a woman who's famous for being in a swimsuit. Or not being in a swimsuit at certain times.

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[18:46] <MrBarman> i've missed the mental images this places evokes
[18:49] <CandyWife> titties and ass?
[18:49] <CandyWife> shitting dick nipples?
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