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872: Happy birthday, kryptonian
Happy birthday, kryptonian

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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EVEN MORE PANELS. ARGH MY HAND. Okaaaay, lots of references in this one for those of you who care playing along at home the title and 'burn' panel is reference to "For the man who has everything...", which was an awesome story that was turned into a similarly awesome JLU episode. Unit Lei is of course 40% asbestos, similar to another robotic unit's percentage composition. And just to keep it super, the Omega Hugdron is a play on hugs words on the macguffin of the Supergirl movie the Omegahedron. Standard warning applies to following any tv tropes link This is last week's comic plus this week's scheduled one since I will be interstate for the next week, possibly meaning I will either miss next week's update or combine it into a future one. Advance warning. Okaaay, bizarre linkage so I can finally get this thing over the line: Smooth criminal. Cello duel

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[17:36] <MrBarman> "Our top story today, convicted hitman Jimmy 'two shoes' McClarty admitted he was once hired to beat a cow to death in a rice field using only two small procelain figures."
[17:36] <MrBarman> "Police admit that this may be the first case of a knick knack paddy wack/"
[17:36] <SquatdogLT> get
[17:36] <SquatdogLT> the fuck out
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