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875: Rip and tear
Rip and tear

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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SO. MANY. REFERENCES. Where do I even start? Basically nearly everyone in this thread got what they asked for. So much so that I had to export this comic in a higher DPI so you could actually see the details properly. For those trivia loving cheesites, this strip features cameos from (trying to go L->R for each panel where I can), and just about all of them are original colour correct, except for some PNG weirdness:

Panel 1

  • Tentacle sex demons from dimension sex, requested by Sam Gamble
  • Shittily drawn Thanatos (tm), I guess in the 130s range, if you had to place him
  • Green Shirt Thanatos (which he wore from strip #27 in 2001 up until #132 in 2002)
  • Blonde newsreader
  • My buddy Oohoo
  • Kat, Violent Bob, Nat
  • Ranty stick figure Goonigoogoo
  • Short sleeve red shirt Duke, before he got his trendy jacket (aka from strip 57 in 2001 up until 134 in 2002).
  • Cleo, requested by Anthony Dukes as "the other robot whose name escapes me"
  • Late 200's style Thanatos
  • Regular jacket wearing Duke
  • Super robot
  • Panel 2

  • The two unfortunates from this Tales from Dimension ZX strip in 2005
  • Panel 3

  • Green shirt Thanatos (see above), Kat
  • The sensible registrar from this strip in 2005
  • Short red shirt Duke (see above). For additional trivia; Duke actually wore a longer sleeve red shirt all the way back in #8 of the same colour and switched to short sleeves in #57 for no apparent reason I can remember ten years on, but that makes him the only character (bar Violent Bob) who has retained the same colour scheme throughout the entire run
  • Current spec Thanatos
  • Panel 4

  • Jacque, requested by Goran Blazevic as "that french douchebag
  • Panel 5

  • Classic Woodrow, requested by Pierre Hatman Blondelle
  • Green shirt Nat/Kara. Since I'm so bad at drawing hair you can actually work out roughly which comic range she belongs in. I'd place her around the late 200s, which makes it 2003
  • Panel 6 (okay, L->R on this one, line by line)

  • Horace Billings, the midget inside Wang as requested by Ian Fox
  • The Flash, as requested by Luke Giles
  • Judge Emeril, as requested by Jorge Ramirez
  • Humiditor, as requested by Josh Zee
  • Rupert, who I could swear I only drew not too long ago but apparently this was back in 2007
  • Awesome, as requested by Juliann Hegemann
  • Thumb Bricklaw's 'Ethan', as requested by Brendan Trimble
  • Tycho, requested by Anne-Sophie Comme Ca
  • Current spec Nat
  • French (Portugese) onion, requested by Austin Reaves
  • Disco Bitch, requested by Gabriel Andres Pizzio
  • Thanatos' vegetarian girlfriend, also requested by Anne-Sophie Comme Ca
  • Robocop, requested by Alessandro Perricone
  • A capella Thanatos (with potato masher!) as requested by Nathan Scott Stinson
  • Early 200's Thanatos' head
  • 300s series Duke, as evidenced by the oval sunglasses
  • Platypus God, requested by Curtis Brand
  • Eros, Thanatos' arch nemesis. Since I apparently didn't mention it in the newspost four years ago, Eros ("intimate love", according to Wikipedia) is the polar opposite of Thanatos ("Death") in Greek Mythology. Also there's some Freudian stuff, but I can't be bothered with that
  • My pal Keir, from Sweaty Penny
  • Vegeta, from SAIYAN HOOUUUUSEE, requested by James Cartwright
  • Professor Science, PhD requested by Austin Reaves
  • David Caruso, requested by Brian Kemp
  • Phoenix Wright, also requested by Anthony Dukes
  • World's fastest Pikachu, requested by Patch Wylie
  • "that reporter that showed up in Thanatos' house, always facing forward, also requested by Goran Blazevic
  • The arm that got ripped off in panel 2
  • Timmy the Talking Tampon, also requested by Julian Hegemann
  • Zach and Lance's eyepatch, also requested by Austin Reaves
  • Jacque's leg from Panel 4
  • TORE SHIT UP T-rex
  • Phew. This strip is probably the longest I've ever taken to draw, mostly because I kept having to trawl through the archives trying to find which bloody strip certain characters were in. But if the fan crew requested it, then that meant it was something important to them so I did my best to find and include them all (shit I forgot to include giant spider roommate, which is one of my favourite comics ever. Sorry Anne, but you already had two requests done and I was trying to fill in everybody). This is in fact the second last BTC, both of this storyline and ever. I know it's snuck up on us, but in another week and a bit, this comic will turn 10, and then it will finish. I'll spare you guys all the reminiscing until then, so Bizarre linkage instead: Paula Deen Riding things. dot com. Why does this exist?! Internet. That's why.

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