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88: Friday Pickup lines!
Friday Pickup lines!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Double Update
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Okay, my hand is killing me, so just a short newspost. First off; "Busty Wenches" just seems intrisically funny to me, and I was discussing them with the people at #3fs a while back, but never got around to doing the comic. Those damn wenches were so hard to draw. Well not draw per se, but after inking and scanning them in, those bloody wenches were all splodgy and decidedly funny looking. And this is like the 4th strip in as many days! How about that? Secondly, Leave something in The Forum. Thirdly; Remember to vote for us at the Gamer's Choice Top 25 and Top Web Comics 150. The voting links are on the front page all the time, or you can use those links. Finally: The alternate punchline was Thanatos going "Can't I keep them?". Okay, that is all.

The next day: Okay, today's is a double update, because I won't be able to do one tomorrow. It's pretty self explainatory. "Friday Pickup lines" �, �, and anything else of Praet0rian and DillINJURE of 3 finger salute. Okay, now I'm done. remember to vote everyday!

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