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Bigger Than Cheeses: Better Than C+A+D
I'm sure we've all known about the brutal crime against humanity that Ctrl Alt Delete is, but up until now it's never been measured just how much suck goes into the production of it. This shocking report compiled by a group of impartial scientists fully trained in the field of awesome has revealed the following all true facts of the age old question of why the super mega rad BTC is better than baby eating C+A+D:

Bigger Than Cheeses

  • Funny
  • Delivers on Cheesecake
  • Finds shame in stealing from others
  • Original art
  • Cures cancer
  • Author not a jerk
  • Can handle criticism like a man



Some other guy

  • Not funny
  • Delivers only lies
  • Proud of stealing from others
  • Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v
  • Gives you cancer
  • Jerkjerkjerkjerkjerk
  • Martyr Complex

Well there you have it. Irrefutable scientific proof that C+A+D is actually a front for communists to funnel money to terrorism. Don't let the terrorists win, don't read C+A+D

Bigger Than Cheeses
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