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(I gotta warn you guys, this page has a buttload of images so if you're on a slow connection you might want to head out. I've tried to thumbnail where I can, but there's just a sheer volume of stuff on this page. )

Our very first review. Originally from Check them out!

|my 5 pennies| - 7:24 7.11.2001

wolfe -

While I was off basking in the glory of the 3fs irc channel a general request to have a comic reviewed was sent out by Desmond. Having a mere two papers due tommorow and it being only 7am, I took up the request. I read through Bigger than Cheeses and I must say I'm impressed. Before the terrorist strip theres a lot of violence and homicide, but we could all use a little more violence in our lives couldn't we? After said strip the comic looks to be done with a little less smashy and a little more funny. He's got a good straight man/violent man thing going on now and it workes for me. It looks like its still in the "artist honing style" phaze all the best comics go through, and I'm looking forward to seeing the final art style. All I need to say about the strip is "It's JESUS TIME!!" I'd definately recommend it to kill a few minutes whenever.

From the Checkerboard Nightmare Forums, Originally from this thread. I've copied it here in case it gets deleted.
Author Comment
Adoracubby Sex Offender
(3/19/02 11:06:25 pm)
Mad props to the Goon.
Hey, I just wanted to say something that I'd been noticing for a long time, and wanted to mention.
Goonigoo, when you started your comic, I honestly thought it was okay, but overall very low quality.
Just letting ya know that for quite a long time now, I've been extremely impressed, and you've been making me laugh my small, inadequate testes off on a regular basis. I'm impressed. The art has improved a lot, and it is actually regularly very funny. Anyone on the forums who hasn't checked it out, should very much do so.

Airsick Moth 
Top Quark
(3/20/02 12:04:26 am)
Re: Mad props to the Goon.
I too offer my props, except for the rubber fish because it's the closer for my stand-up act.

But seriously, I was also forced to laugh by Bigger Than Cheeses since I started reading it after the Chex cameo. That's the only way I find new strips to enjoy, is if they butter my ass up.

*smashes fish with hammer*


Kristofer Straub
Nightlight Press -- The future of today... tomorrow
Read Checkerboard Nightmare @!

The very first ever piece of fan art, courtesy of Red Ogress, a very talented forumgoer

These pieces of fan art donated by my close friend Dan (aka Funk Machine)
Check out his sexcellent Guest strip!

Dan's impression of the new and improved Sancho

Also, his latest work, inspired by the storyline. Click the thumbnail for a larger image

This was submitted by Will from Princeton as a remake of his favourite comic. Good work Will!

More from Will!

Buddy Icons! The salubrious tate made these and also helped me with the html so that you can just click 'em to set them as your buddy icon. Help spread the word by making all your aim buddies ask "Just what the hell IS Bigger than Cheeses?"
Icon 1
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If that doesn't work, just right click and save them to your hd and set them manually.

More fan art, this time from Josh from Man in a Box comics. Hopefully I got the url right, I'm taking it from the e-mail he sent me. Anyhoo, enjoy

Two bits of fan art from Haley. I believe her favourite characters are Violent Bob, and his less successful twin brother, violent boob

A wallpaper made by ^Bahamut_Duo^ out of this strip

Fantastic image of Duke and Nat donated by Fenris. I didn't even have to beg for it!

Holy poo! These pieces of fantastic art were donated by insipid, a forumgoer and a guy who occasionally drops into irc. He even remembered our little rock friend Wang! Man, if only I could draw like that...


Nat in a bikini courtesy of Zipperhead (also from the #rocketbox irc channel on At this rate I think she'll be tied with the boys for fan art appearances.


More from zipperhead, this time of everyone's favourite redheaded btc character, Kat! He's actually the first to make kat fanart. In addition to that, she's also gotten x-menesque gambit powers. How about that?

A totally badass Sancho. So. Bad. Ass.

Jungle Kat! Zip sends in yet another example of how much art...learning....stuff I have to go!

Another me-shaming achievement from Zip!

Cleo! At this rate I'm gonna run out of characters for him to draw


mbaird from the forums has made his request to have Manman's triumphant return. Naturally, triumphant returns are far too much effort plus he was pretty much a one off joke. Needless to say, mbaird wouldn't be held down by THE MAN so he went ahead and made some art of his own. Check it.

More art from mbaird, this time of Thanatos!


Dragon Dan sends in his own impression of Optimus wearing the patented Keg hat!

Wang art from Evil Ceiling Fan!

Alright, according to cracky, the naked Sancho is from dreamwraith, and the other strip is from from DarthKirby. Thanks guys!

Group fan art from Flux. COOKASS.

Plus this cheesecake of Cleo! Click on the thumbnail for the colour, or here for the larger black and white

Also, insinuations about lawsuits! Still awesome, though.


Quasi-anime Nat art from DangerousCurves!
The world's first Lei Fanart! Kickass work from DangerousCurves again!

Random sorceress with Wang! Now that's dedication

The first ever 3d fanart! A super mad contribution from Glasko!

Denmarkian Dane made this sassy compilation from pieces from the scrap art file!

And also has created the cast in Sims 2 form!

The gang from Weenies conducted the first ever btc interview! I...kinda forgot to log it, but at least they're not totally incompetant like me, and also edited it nicely too. You can grab it from here

For all you Kat lovers, Zeb Spade from Reality Glitch sends in some R rated Kat fanart! Totally not safe for work, but click ahead for the uncensored version.

Secret Santa entry from Alex of Poke & Gravy! Thanks, Alex!

Some shenannigans from Zach of Supafine, it's Supafine!

First, a chillingly accurate portrait of yours truly

A quick sketch of Thanatos, while we were busy creating the most evil combination of stuff ever seen, in OpenCanvas.

A drawing of Beerman as a furry with a pirate hook hand fighting me if I were a genie in love armour. Don't ask.

You know, I'm starting to think Zach likes drawing what he thinks of me a little too much

Awesometacular work from Zach. And he even got everyone's shoes right. I don't even do that.

Rob Liefeld's David, only Zach actually pays attention to the laws of anatomy, so he got it all wrong.

Super fantastic art from Anthony!

A follow-up of the infamous shower scene, by Nattie!

A remarkable likeness of me in the Australian desert, with my cowboy boots and snake walking stick from the infamous KC Green

Plus some animated gif insanity from KC!

Some half done Kat fanart from Sloan, that'll probably never be finished, but check out how super awesome its half-doneness is!

Takomaster Brad dropped in this little comic of me.

Even more fanart of yours truly, this time by Fucktard-o-Tron, from the forums

An impression of this comic using a "paint-like program", from Kitty Kat!

Two works of pure evil from Stereo

Nat and Unit Lei, again from Stereo

Two tiny Thanatos', from Stereo

A creeping me the hell out submission from CrackyMcZap

Some super stylish work from leeky!

Impressive emo Lei work from Roland "Jim" Lowery! SO. MUCH. EMO.

A comic-based review from Catherine Holloway. Bitchin'!

The horizontal scrollingest fan comics ever, from gruff!

This colourform courtesy of Krimson

Danny from the forums sends in this early btc inspired strip!

Jasmine sends in her interpretation of the strips!

Helixxo sends in...something

Fan comic by Trebor, from the forums!

A follow up panel from this fanlib

Another fan comic from Trebor, click for a larger, colour version!

More comicing from Trebor!

Two kickass black and white doodles from forumgoer Dawwe. Also, click for a larger, colourised versions!

More from Dawwe!

Some cast page inspired art from the lovely Pequena!

In light of btc's new gothy direction, Peq's made some gothy dress-dolls! Rad!

A nice anime Nat from Araxie

A foxy fan-comic by Kapitane!

Super cheesite KinCryos gives a desktopX btc object, which he says is a glorified link to Well, check it out anyway!

Fan comic from moley!

A 3d sancho model, from Moley! Moleymoleymoleymole

Mindless Genius sends in this paint-y wonder

As well as this rampant reimagining of canon

Vote incentive from Chuck and Elmo, who took me up on the "my webcomic will knife fight your webcomic" challenge.

Ircer Ven donates this hero machine version of Duke

The creator of Carzorthade sends in this one-off, which he used as a vote incentive

Notorious crazy-man Mr Shroom sends in the very first btc fanfction based on the dramarama storyline

An awesome comic from siv!

Classic gaming joke, from Ne0the1

First ever Disco Bitch fanart, from Nightlord

Awesometasticular comic by Ace Plughead!

Coloury love from Chebbswah

Jae likes to wear women's underwear

Gobz sends in his reply to this comic

Forumer Ultran00b makes a City of Heroes Thanatos! WAAAAGE


You've been waiting for it for so long, but finally. Polygonal Nat boobs.

Duke has bubble powers. Didn't you know?

He tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end it doesn't really matter

Yutz was arrested shortly after making this image

Paddy likes to watch

Keir drew a drawing of a drawing of me

Some of the good stuff, from Annie

Bryan makes some R rated fanart for you Kat lovers

Knife fighting your webcomic, from Aurally Fixated

Betty draws your two favourite person types

Kristian caters to your religious needs

Alan gives you all the details of the hot new trend sweeping Hollywood

Rob is a good soldier. He'll serve well in the war

Also Erynn

Here's a very long one from Ulfednar

Two parters from miss Tya

Awesome stuff from MJC!

Btc mad libs
Some cheesites with energy to burn took it upon themselves to add in dialogue for the silent comic 286. You can see all the submissions here

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