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Yes, that's right. Sometimes the comic may escape its domainy restraints and wander free across the internet, or even THE REAL WORLD AIIIEE!! In any case, this page is to document sightings of btc all over the place. If you have some of your own, why not send it in? Please try and keep any attachments relatively small. Links to your own server or something are good, then I can just save those to my hard drive.




The Tao of Geek


Skwerrel's Magical Page of Whimsey
I, uh, didn't save a copy

High Ping Bastard

JDizzle Comics




Chugworth Academy

Twisted Kaiju Theater

Unit Lei avatar!

(I forgot where I screenshotted this from)

Cheesite Pietro's whipped up these three, in Italian!

In French! Thank Cheesite Phiip who is actually going through the archives translating them! You can read more here!

From unnamed cheesite, who I think is called Alexander, Italian strip #1, which he tells me the title translates into "Questo probabilmente mi metter� nei guai"

Bruce sends in strip #1 in Dutch, the language of Belgium and Holland!

Natalia tells me that either Bruce has some sort of language difficulties, or he just ran the thing through a web translator. Correct translation as follows:

first panel:
Pope: Kom, sluit je bij ons aan voor Eeuwige Redding
last panel: thanatos : Wat vind je van mijn hoed, wees eerlijk
duke: Ik kan nog steeds niet geloven dat je hem z'n beide testikels deed opeten.

More stuff from Bruce:
Maybe I should explain: I come from Belgium, where the 3 main languages are French, German and Flemish. Flemish is a dutch dialect, which has a few differences to Netherlands dutch, such as word order, and certain words (e.g. The flemish word for bicycle is the same as the french velo, while in proper dutch it is fiets.) Thus to a native dutch-person it may appear innacurate, and I should probably have made it more clear. Apologies.

Jaybird sends in a Hebrew translation!

Japanese courtesy of Tyler!

Okay, I'm just pasting the email I got in from Cheesite Chris, because I have no idea what's right anymore.

Just writing to let you know that the "japanese" version of your comic on your sightings page is wrong. It's run through a translation program and makes no sense in Japanese.

Easy to tell (if you speak Japanese anyway) because in the "Do you like my hat" bit the "like" is translated not as in "feel affection or attraction" but as in "similar" and is just all kinds of grammatically incorrect besides. My bet is if you ran the dialog for that comic through babelfish you would get the same thing.

"In case you've missed it, there's been another announcement of a webcomics collective being formed -- this time, it's Boxcar Comics, swearing to reach the hobo demographic! Boxcar seems to be another "shared resources" collective, along the lines of Dumbrella, Dayfree and Blank Label. As with those other collectives, they have a good number of well established strips and webcartoonists behind them, including 21deadmonkeys, Beaver and Steve, Bigger than Cheeses, The Coffee Achievers, Housd, Hey Suburbia, Joe and Monkey, The Kenmore, Niego, Rob and Elliot, Yirmumah, and You'll Have That. I read a large percentage of these comics -- most notably Yirmumah and Rob and Elliot, but Joe and Monkey and Bigger than Cheeses are both powerful good soup too, and other strips I've been exposed to in the collective am good too, boss." [..]


Ast0reth tells me that btc is filtered out! For tastelessness no less!

In order of review. I think.

The laughing steve

Catherine Holloway

Journey into History


Comicon Pulse Review/Plug (You have to write your own entry, so it's not really a review per se)

If I forgot anyone or you have some to add, verbally me!

First off, we have THIS funny looking prat

And how about some shameless advertising from everyone's favourite foxy brit, Chebbs?

From dreamwraith, a chronicling of events. And ball kicking!

"[18:54] <dreamwraith> Oh, Goon, I started using the 'right in the bojangles' line occasionally over the past few months, last week at the beach a friend got punched accidentally in the balls, he curled up on the ground and yelped that, and I have a photo of it, heh."

(Caption in your own "Right in the bojangles")

Pequena lends us some gaming-cred with her gaming-sighting! Although now that I think about it, how much fun COULD the logo be? I'll have to find out! (Click for the full size version)

Pequena apparently heard my questioning question and has some provided some screenshots of thrilling gameplay!


Yet another sighting from the lovely Pequena, this time a screenshot of our innocent young Katrina in a hentai dating sim! Well I never!

And NAT too! WHY I....Okay I kinda expected this from Nat.

An odd one, Ben sends in the sticker from a BTC Keyboard!

Irc cheesite GreyMantledWolf carbombing (apparently Guiness with a shot of 1/2 Jameson Whiskey and 1/2 Bailey's Irish cream) with a btc mug. Go team!

First person to buy a shirt, CRACKY! Whooo!

Kaffy doesn't like it when I photoshop spiders into her cam

Lance 'n Kyle send in this screencap from Half Life 2

Fresh new Chebbs hotness! I fully approve of cams where buxom ladies declare their boobs my property

First reported (or screenshotted, anyway) use of a btc wallpaper! Okay he used the comic, but that's close enough

Crazy cheesite who forgot to sign his name on the email sent in this picture of the ultimate food!

Lilmuckers finds a brand new way to waste ink, AND paper!

JDawg wastes more postits per capita than any human being

Nightlord found this guy in his electronic gaming machine


Chebbs is an outlaw on the run from the law...of hugs

Mangoflush has a dangerous fugitive on his phoneographic machine.

During a G4 airing about, a btc ad can be momentarily seen! On TV!

The February edition of the nEUSpaper by the Engineering Undergraduate Society of the University of British Columbia called ResErection

Notandrew sends in this picture of him in Iraq, PUTTING HIS ASS ON THE LINE FOR YOURS.

Evil Jim is the first person to buy a ROCK! shirt, or at least the first to send in a picture. So there.

Have you seen btc anywhere else in the glistening meat-world? Then why not take a picture and tell me about it, stud. Uh...Yeah

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