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Alternate/half done/extra strips!

Main Archive

The still, uncoloured frames from this strip

Alternate version of strip 186

Half finished alternate version of strip 201

Alternate version of strip 389. No, I don't know what it's supposed to mean either.

Alternate ending to strip 447

Twc book entries
Here are my 3 entries for the doomed twc book. These were funny when I made them. Honest. Yeah, I cheated and changed the urls from shtank to bollox. I'm paranoid, so sue me.

True story, by the way....Except her name wasn't Mary....In fact what WAS her name now? DAMNIT!

Sketchbook vote incentives

Uni Paper

A published comic in my uni newspaper. The others are either b&w versions of earlier strips, or just really crap.

A UNpublished comic in my uni newspaper, because my editor decided to print two of the same page instead

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