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This stuff doesn't fit into any of the other extras pages, so they end up here. Most stuff is things I've linked in the newspost that you might've overlooked. Don't forget to check the past vote incentives page, for all the random little images.

The two designs formerly available at the now deleted cafepress store


Outlining the government's internet censorship plans

I made this for keir. And to piss off deon some more, since people used to call him McDeon for some reason.

Teegus from the 3fs irc channel wanted me to make a comic for him. He got this.

The high score of crushination. Possibly to make up for this


The outcome of a conversation in the irc channel

I used to use this as my sig on the pvp forums

Comparison of the early days/latest art

A clean copy of this strip for mad libbing with the URL still attached to the bottom you credit stealing bastards watermarking my stuff

Old Wallpapers
Wallpapers that are too old to have on the main extras page, but still want accessible somewhere from the site.

Year 1. 1024x768

100th Strip. 1024x768

Right in the Bojangles. 1024x768

Coffee. 1024x768

Coffee. 1600x1200

All outta ass. 800x600

All outta ass. 1024x768

300th Strip. 800x600

300th Strip. 1024x768

Say Cheesecake. 1280x960

Say Cheesecake. 1280x1024

Solar Power. 1024x768

Solar Power. 1280x960

Text Files
Text...files. These don't really need their own page, so stuff it is.
Log Humours
The night of infamy. Fix famous sayings so they revolve around whores.

Hehe. We're so juvenile. Talking about our love of mastication.

Me flying off the handle about something or other

Bitrate Mike regales us with his story about camp, arson, and kidnapping.

The origins of Edward Shotgunhands!

A typical night in the irc channel

Best troll ever

My favourite bit

After being invaded by a channel spammer, we invade the spammer's channel...with sexy results.

Collection of all log humours, current as of 25/11/05! Thanks to Sam for going through and collecting them

Specially selected quotes from our pal Alex Chiu, the drunkenest man alive!

No, we really believe you, Asspurtz. Honest.

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