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Past vote incentives

(if you set your background colour to white and set this as your background, it's rockin')

A published comic in my uni newspaper. The others are either b&w versions of earlier strips, or just really crap.

A UNpublished comic in my uni newspaper, because my editor decided to print two of the same page instead

Two vote incentives and a banner, as part of the dramarama scam

Super Saiyan Topato knife fighting Chex...yeaaahhh...

Some shirt ideas I proposed for Supafine. Lance seemed to like them but Zach? Not so much.

Nat with no clothes. I am a bastard

Alternate ending to this strip

People were bugging me to redraw timmy the talking tampon

Me trying out a new art thing with noses, eyes and lips

Test run of Flash MX 2004

A silly thing prompted by an ask the castk

I don't know what this is supposed to mean

Advertising for Dominion...I think

If you sell these, you gotta pay me royalties idea

I'll finish this shirt design some day

By popular request

Sandman; Dream and Death. Check out the comics

Trying a thick outlines cartoony style

Making fun of Rob Liefeld

Another Checkerboard Nightmare inspired doodle

Zach got hit by a car or something. I wasn't listening

Nat in a vaguely more realistic style, closer to a comic book

Fixed the shading a bit and cleaned up the lines, still need to fix her face though

Random Anime woman, made in OC with Neesh

The rest of that OC, kinda. Things were erased

Nat in a portrait shot

Kat in a portrait shot

Cleo in a portrait shot. Actually she's in 3/4 so it's cheating and the filename is misleading

Lei in a portrait shot

Blank faced Chex

Self explanatory

Same thing

Front page cycle image for the Gewd Guys

It's a fantastic 4 allusion! Geez

Google search for Predator in 10 seconds

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